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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Kibo Lodge Amboseli: It’s No Keekorok

The Kibo Lodge Amboseli Hotel Review is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

Nothing will compare to Keekorok in Mara. Indeed, most things will disappoint in comparison. Unfortunately, Kibo Lodge, a lovely resort at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, is included in this category.

The Room
Before I get to the mediocre, let me tell you about the great. The room was, for lack of a better word, very cool. It was a giant tent. What else is there to say? How many times have you stayed in a tent with electricity and hot water?a path with a solar panel in it a path with trees and grass a tree in front of a building a hut with a thatched roof a wooden bench with pillows a table and chairs outside a window a bed with a mosquito net a bed with a mosquito net a lamp on a table next to a bed a bed with a canopy over it a white light from a ceilinga light from a ceiling a green tent with a light coming out of it a room with a light on the wall a tray of bottles on a table a bathroom with a mirror and sink a bowl of hand gels and tubes a shower head in a bathroom

The Food
Africa is easily the continent with best food. Whether it is local food or a local twist on an international dish, the food has been stellar. Like Keekorok, Kibo had breakfast, lunch, and dinner as a buffet. There was not a shortage of food, but there was a shortage of quality. It didn’t stack up to Keekorok which was very disappointing. a plate of food on a table a plate of food on a table a plate of food on a table

Hotels should not advertise WiFi if they don’t have reliable WiFi. What they should say is ‘WiFi may be available but expect outages.’ I’m a dual threat traveler. I work and blog. Like Le Meridien Marrakech, this hotel did not have functioning WiFi. It only worked when the hotel was empty. Many times I could not get on the network. The most frustrating part was the choppy coverage of MI’s overtime win against Indiana. Before you say that I should not expect WiFi while traveling in developing countries, let me point out that it worked great in most places I went, especially at the Victoria Falls Deluxe Suites in Zimbabwe.a man sitting at a table with a vase of cabbage in front of a table with beer and pillows

The Location
For every bad, there is a good. The good is the hotel’s location. It is only a few minutes from Ambroceli’s park entrance and close to the Massai community. Do not stay far away from the park as you’ll spend your time on bumpy roads instead of chasing animals.

a white van with a roof on the back
A quick drive to the park in my second home.

The Amenities
Since the lodge is not located within the park, I was spared having to pay for the hotel’s daily rate and the park’s rate. Without this added charge and the amenities of a nice pool and bar, I could see myself staying longer and without the added pressure of chasing animals all daya room with a large stone structure a fireplace with a picture of an elephant on top a cup of coffee and a vase on a table a plate of popcorn and bottles of beer on a tablea pool with trees around it

One reason I went to Amboseli was to see Mt. Kilimanjaro. I may be too lazy to climb it, but I still wanted to get a look at it in person. Standing in its shadow right outside of my tent, I’m still convinced that I do not want to go to the top. a field of grass and trees with a mountain in the background a man running in a field

The tent was awesome. The food was far from great, but the lodge is in a great location for exploring Amboseli. Still, it’s no Keekorok.



  1. Good coverage on your African trip.
    This tented lodge looks nice, have authentic feel – I would stay there. We were staying in Shakaland last year in South Africa near Durban: great food, interesting accommodations (round huts) and most of all great people – they gave us a tour of the native village, craft presentations and even evening dances. Great experience.
    I see by photos that you were there in a dry season – not much green. I still prefer to go over shoulder season in spring, after rain season ended: Africa is associated with green in my mind 😉
    The most striking animals for me in Africa were elephants and giraffes, although others are great as well.
    What do they charge for room and safaris/activiteis there?

    • Thank you for reading. It was definitely the dry season (see Victoria Falls posts). The price breakdown is the next post!

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