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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Le Meridien Pyramids: View of a Lifetime

Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel Review is part of the Trip Report Athens Marathon: The Original Course which includes the following cities:

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Getting There: There is Uber in Cairo which costs 95 EGP. If this is your first time in Cairo, I recommend haggling with the taxi drivers outside the arrival gate to get used to the hustle. TaxiFareFinder says the price should be 66 EGP. After much fuss, I got one to agree.

Note: Taxis in Egypt are the worst. I will have to amend my Worst Taxis in the World list to reflect this.


Waking up at Le Meridien Pyramids is like waking up Christmas morning. The excitement of drawing the curtains open to see one of the Wonders of the Ancient World in my backyard is incomparable. The view is surreal.

Greatest Hotel View
Greatest Hotel View

The Location 

Le Meridien is located in Giza, a neighborhood outside of Cairo. This is important to distinguish so you don’t end up in a situation where the taxi driver is trying to take you to the old Le Meridien which is now the Sofitel El Gezirah. Somehow my pronunciation of ‘Giza’ sounded like ‘El Gezirah.’ Besides the convenience of only being a five minute taxi ride to the pyramids, Le Meridien is near great restaurants and more importantly far from Cairo traffic.

Le Meridien Pyramids

The Hotel 

Although the hotel is a bit dated, it still has charm.

2015-11-09 20.43.48
The entrance
2015-11-09 20.44.58
The lobby
2015-11-09 20.51.08
Front desk
2015-11-09 20.44.40
Waiting area
Capture 2
The bar area
2015-11-09 20.45.39
The lobby
2015-11-09 20.45.57
Grand staircase
2015-11-09 20.46.40
Breakfast restaurant and bar
2015-11-09 20.49.08
To the elevators
2015-11-09 20.49.28
Hotel shop
2015-11-09 20.49.43
Shoe shine station
2015-11-09 20.49.47
Jewelry store

The Service

Some of the nicest people I met in Cairo worked at this hotel. The night manager was kind enough to invite me for tea and argheli. I stayed up till 3AM smoking and relaxing by the pool.

The Security

Security is tight everywhere in Egypt but especially in Cairo. There is a checkpoint for cars coming along with bomb sniffing dogs and metal detectors in the entrance of the hotel.

Inspection point

The Breakfast 

Breakfast is a big deal for points travelers when it’s free. After awhile, the continental breakfast gets repetitive. Like the King George in Athens, the breakfast at Le Meridien is not to be missed. In addition to the usual, the buffet had falafel, tahini, and other local goodies.

2015-11-09 20.47.29
Breakfast restaurant
2015-11-10 07.58.31
Pancakes were great
2015-11-10 07.58.40
The puddin’
2015-11-10 07.59.00
Fresh fruits
2015-11-10 07.59.30
A Packers fan
2015-11-10 07.59.51
Breakfast buffet
2015-11-10 08.00.34
Omelette station
2015-11-10 08.02.05
Great omelette
2015-11-10 08.07.35
Fresh bread
2015-11-10 08.20.01
2015-11-10 08.22.14
Zaytoon & fresh pomegranate

The Room 

I used a Platinum Suite Upgrade to guarantee that I would have a room with a view of the pyramids. Even if you are not platinum, I highly recommend paying a little extra for the best view of your life. A room with a view of the pyramids is only $90. I used cash n points in the amount of 1500 + $30. It doesn’t get better than that.

2015-11-09 21.10.56
The suite
2015-11-09 21.11.05
The desk
2015-11-09 21.11.33
The bedroom
Good morning Giza!

The Pool 

I didn’t get a chance to go swimming because there is so much to do in Cairo. I did have a beer on the patio and, once again, was in awe at how close the pyramids are to the hotel.

2015-11-10 14.24.47
Pool patio
2015-11-10 14.20.15
Giza pyramid
2015-11-10 14.45.12
Sakara + Pyramids


I am not exaggerating when I say that Le Meridien Pyramids is the best hotel in terms of value in the world. This picture proves it:

One last look at the Great Pyramids

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  1. I haven’t done Egypt, yet. You mentioned places to eat and drink off property but nearby. Any details? You also said that breakfast is free for points travelers. Not just Platinum members? Last annoying question for now (I kinda promise), how long does it take to get to the actual pyramids, and Cairo?

    • Let me change that to ‘when it’s free’.

      See the post today about abou el sid for a great restaurant. Tomorrow I’ll post the Cairo travel guide which includes an Indian restaurant near the hotel. Indian food in Egypt? It was really good though.

      Pyramids are a five minute cab ride away (ill add that too).

      Thanks for the questions

    • I’ve stayed there for 4 nights in mid November. Breakfast buffer is not free unless you are a Platinum – it was 110 EGP so about 15 US$ per person. Dinner buffer about 30 US$. Both great value for money. I did not eat out. You can walk to the Pyramids – about 10-15 minutes. As for the resort the pool with the bar island is not really for swimming but there is a heated pool at the far end of the picture. There is also a fabulous spa with 3 jacuzzis as Finnish sauna and Turkish bath. If, like me, you don’t want to risk local taxis you can have a Mercedes transfer from/to airport (including meet and greet and a fast track through the immigration for 40 euros.

      • You have a different, rather conservative outlook. Here’s my two Egyptian pounds regarding your comment:

        1. It was supposed to be clearer that breakfast was free because I am platinum, a point I fixed and answered in the comment.

        2. I’m against eating at your own hotel as a general rule even if it’s cheap. Go explore. It’s Cairo!

        3. The pool is for swimming but like Arizona, November is warm though it gets chilly.

        4. Take the local taxi, at least once. Live a little, or die trying. Worst case, like I wrote, take Uber for twelve dollars. Brian Cohen even rented a car but that’s too crazy even for me. Never take the hotel ripoff option.

        Relevant posts: The Prison of Posh:

        Why Hotels Dont List Airport Transfer Options

        Brian Cohen: Guest of the Day

        • Well, when I was adding my comment I was not counting on a free advice. Anyway, the pool (not then one where you had your beer) is heated and perfectly warm. After 20 Hr flight time from Australia I was not going to haggle with a cabbie. And I chose to walk to the pyramids instead of paying for the taxi. If there were anything hygienic to eat out I would have been happy to give it a try but the places outside Le Meridien were simply dumps. And I am sorry you did not get around to try the spa.

        • The spa definitely looked awesome and nothing is better than a heated pool.

          I would’ve walked to the Pyramids but I was hobbled after the Athens Marathon. Had I known I would’ve liked Cairo so much, I would’ve booked more nights there and skipped Sharm.

          No charge for the free advice. We just have a different way of traveling, no better, no worse.

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