Lenovo X1 Carbon: Here And Ready to Blog!


April has been my worst month of blogging. The laptop died while I was on the road and I had to wait for this beautiful Lenovo X1 Carbon to come out and be shipped from China. Yesterday, it arrived at my doorstep in all of its traditional ThinkPad beauty. It has everything I need to become the king of the blogging world.

Here are the specs for fellow ThinkPad nerds:

  • Integrated wireless antenna: WLAN antenna
  • Battery: 3cell 57Wh
    • Apparently this battery will never die! And will recharge quickly.
  • Camera: 720p HD Camera Mic
    • Video blogs anyone?
  • AC Adapter and Power Cord: 65W USB-C 2Pin US
    • Why do they only send one?
  • Fingerprint: Fingerprint Reader
    • Keep your dirty Dorito fingers off of my laptop.
  • Hard drive 1TB SSD PCIe-NVMe OPAL2
    • As a blogger, I hate having my pictures on the f&*$ing cloud. I want them available now. That’s why I sprung for the 1GB hard drive.
  • Keyboard Language: BL KB BK FPR Ccover ENG
    • Still the greatest keyboard in the world. And they got rid of that stupid touchbar on the top. Apple just put that on its laptops. It was the worst idea in the world. The backspace and delete are also where they are supposed to be as is the CapsLock button.
  • Total memory: 8GB LPDDR3 1866 MB
    • Enough memory to endure pesky pop-ups that arise in inopportune times.
  • Microsoft Office: Office 365 Personal AFOLB DM
    • This sounds crazy but maybe I am done with Google. I may switch to Outlook instead of GMAIL and OneDrive instead of Dropbox. I travel to China too much to deal with the VPN. I’m not sure yet.
  • Pointing device: 3+2BCP
    • Everyone loves the red mouse! I still hate the TrackPad.
  • WiFi wireless LAN adapters: Intel 8265AC+BT 2×2
    • Air conditioning, good shower, big bed, and good Wi-Fi. That’s all I need in this life. And champagne.
  • System Unit: X1C5 IG i5-7200U+8GB MB
    • Fast enough to blog and much more.
  • Security Chip 2: Hardware dTPM
  • Display Panel X1C5 FHD IPS AG NT RGB BK
    • Crisp, beautiful, ThinkPad Display.
  • Package Box Type Retail Packaging
    • Who doesn’t like a nice box?

All in $2028.

Before I get to work, here are the photos:

2017-04-13 15.47.46 2017-04-13 15.48.01 2017-04-13 15.48.13 2017-04-13 15.48.27 2017-04-13 15.48.46 2017-04-13 15.51.19 2017-04-13 15.51.42 2017-04-13 15.51.59 2017-04-13 17.28.24



      • My Asus UX301 gave out on me so im thinking of getting a 5 gen X1 too.

        Any idea of what the differences are between the more expensive X1 and the cheaper X1? the compare feature shows pretty much the same thing with the exception of m.2 ssd.( I think)

  1. I like the statement about popups. I almost spit out my coffee as I had closed a popup on your blog not 5 seconds before I read that 🙂
    1TB sounds good to me. Doesn’t sound like its SSD though? I’d trade a 1TB traditional drive for a 500gb SSD any day of the week but that’s me.
    Nice choice but you didn’t recap how many miles/points you earned buying it ??????

  2. At that price I hope it can write blog posts by itself.
    Could have gotten a similar ultrabook, a tablet, a phone and a ticket to disneyland and still have pocket change for some Mickey ears.

  3. I buy all my laptops refurbished from tigerdirect, literally saving hundreds! When they eventually break? Just buy another. 🙂 Last one was an i5 HP 2570p with 8GB and an 120gb SSD for $285, had it for about 2 years now. Still going strong.

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