Milwaukee Lounge Review, Sort Of

I wrote a few days ago that I’m switching from Southwest to JetBlue. Besides being unable to qualify for the companion pass, I am tired of Southwest’s inconvenient routing. The Vegas flight to New York left conveniently at 7AM, only it stops in Milwaukee first. From here I have to wait four hours for my flight to LGA. 
When booking points tickets, it’s easy to fall for the lowest award=best award trap. This mistake is compounded when arriving in an airport that doesn’t have an accessible lounge. When I got off of the plane, I Googled Milwaukee Airport Lounge. I saw that there was one for Delta and a generic one called Airport Lounge. I assumed this was a Priority Pass lounge. Unfortunately, this lounge is not connected to the airport which is why I was unable to visit and provide a more detailed review. Judging by the website, it could be a nice time. ‎



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