Mums’s the Word on Serve And That’s Fine


Two new Citi AA cards in hand and one new Chase United used to mean a refill on prescriptions then a subsequent trip to visit some other minimum wage employee. Now that my Serve has been shut down, I have no motivation to learn a new job in manufacturing.

There are still a few lucky ones who have not had their rights taken away. I am not envious of those people who are paralyzed by fear of being shut down so much that they won’t even walk near the gift card rack. One clever approach that I read was a writer who said the following, “Ah, the benefits of having multiple spouses: I plan to get married as much as I can. Just for those serve accounts.” It seems like divorce proceedings, alimony, and child support trouble is second compared to MS inconveniences. I got 99 problems…

The most interesting part of all of this is we still do not know why some got shut down and why others continue to squirm around wondering if they are next. Some are probably still using their Serves as brashly as before and have yet to receive that damned email. To those people who hide in the shadows, to those bloggers who don’t come out and declare, “It’s back!” I would like to express my gratitude.

At this point, if your Serve is working, enjoy it and keep it to yourself.

Mum’s the word on Serve and that’s fine.

And now a random photo
And now a random photo

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