NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs


Looking for a way to spend your SWA points post devaluation? Look no further than the horrid Eastern Conference Playoffs for great destinations.

They include: Milwaukee, Chicago, Toronto, Cleveland, Brooklyn, Boston, Atlanta, and DC. I’ve never been to Milwaukee which is the ugly cousin of Chicago and do not want to go to Cleveland because everything sucks in Ohio. But the rest are easily accessible using SWA or Avios.

Tickets to the first round should be easy to come by because there aren’t any intriguing match ups and the quality of play is garbage.

Either way, as is the tradition here, ThePointsOfLife makes its picks.

Toronto vs. Washington: Washington in 6

Bulls vs. Bucks: Bulls in 7

Celtics vs. Cavaliers: Cavs in 4

Nets vs. HawksUpset alert. Nets in 7. Atlanta basketball is a joke.

Overall, who cares about the Eastern Conference. I’m sure it will be the Cavs vs. another snooze team with the Cavs advancing to The Finals.

Let’s see. Tomorrow we go West where it’s a lot more exciting.

Detroit Basketball!
Detroit Basketball!

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