What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?


It’s been a while since I’ve made a New Year’s resolution. However, in 2020, I am committed to reviving my career as an author. It took two years to write my first book, Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine, and five years later, I’m more famous as a blogger than I am as a writer (see The CNN Business Traveller Clip! Now Playing). 

But, this post isn’t only about me. It’s about the employees who find themselves hating their job while only being able to escape it for a few days thanks to points (read Step 1 of the book: Enjoy #ThePointsOfLife, the genesis of my blog).

If your resolution is to escape in 2020, I can help. If it’s not, then buy my book because you love/hate TPOL and leave an honest commending/scathing review. I’m willing to sign a copy upon request, though my first book signing did not attract a large crowd (see Signing Day! in Mongolia). 

Signing day in Ulaanbaatar


  1. The Queen would like a free signed copy of TPOL’s book sent to her by overnight FedEx so she can read it on her Christmas vacation trip, which starts in 2 days.

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