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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Pardon the Interruption

Pardon the Interruption, but I’m not Mike Wilbon but I do know more about futbol than George Farah.

The world witnessed ThePointsOfLife correctly predict the World Cup final matchup and now, once again, I put the psychic hat on.

I couldn’t make it to Rio for the final because I was waiting for my Mongolian work visa to arrive and luckily it did. Instead, I’m leaving the peace and tranquility of Anytown, USA for the second best place to watch the final besides the Marcana- Chicago. (Everyone drink, I said Chicago.)

To get there I’m paying an exorbitant $2.50 thanks to Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards and to be well rested for the game, I’m redeeming my Hilton HHonors points to stay at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago, rated the best hotel in the United States. This will be my second Waldorf stay in a matter of weeks, the first being in Shanghai.

But enough points talk: the sole heir to the throne of Zamunda is ready to make his prediction, starting with this analysis:

Messi had a below average game today though he did manage to find the back of the net on PKs. He didn’t get too much help from his teammates and it is still uncertain if Di Maria, Messi’s favorite complimentary player, will be able to go.

Contrast that to the Germans who obliterated the Brazilians turning the beautiful game into a children’s AYSO game and it is no surprise that Vegas is picking Deutscheland to triumph. But in the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend.” Let’s not overlook Germany’s stumbles along the way and the inevitable implosion of the Brazilian side given their pressure to perform, injuries, and suspensions. Furthermore, recall Argentina’s own embarrassing defeat 4 years ago to Germany in the World Cup and Messi’s squadoosh during the entire tournament.

Clearly, revenge will be a motivator.

Next, two facts must not be overlooked:

1. No European team has ever won the World Cup when it is hosted in South America.

2. This basically will be a home game for Argentina.

And, if that’s enough don’t underestimate another motivating factor for Argentina- the opportunity to win the World Cup on the turf of their rival country, Brazil.

Final Score: Argentina 1 Brazil 0

We’re on a 23.5 break till the next post, so goodnight George, goodnight Canada!

Brasil (950)
They’ll be partying in Sugarloaf after Argentina wins



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