To Russia, From Abu Dhabi: The Next Episode Trip Report


If you haven’t read my post on Frequent Miler on how I got ducked by British Airways, be sure to check it out. I will have the last laugh, don’t you worry about that. With one trip ruined, I had to plot another one, one that was more spectacular than perhaps $77,000 Trip Heard Round the World and one more lavish than Tahiti Triumph. The bookends have been finalized. I will start my journey this September aboard SQ first class from Houston Moscow. I will end my journey flying Etihad Apartments from Abu Dhabi to JFK. The trip will take two months and I will be hitting all the points cliché stops including the Park Hyatt Milan and, for no other reason than to have breakfast, the Park Hyatt Paris. Simultaneously, I will be crisscrossing Europe to round out TPOL’s Travel Map. From Luxembourg to Slovenia, no country is off-limits. From Europe, I’m going back to the motherland: Jordan for sure, Lebanon possibly, and Oman if I have time.

Until then, I will be spending my days playing golf and catching up on previous trip reports.

Take that British!

2015-11-16 13.01.43
Here we go


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