Salt Flats Hotel Uyuni, Bolivia: No Way This Is A Category 5 Hotel!


There was no bellman. There was no status check-in line. There was no WiFi. There was only one outlet with extension cords to charge devices for the entire hotel. Welcome to the salt hotel where everything is made of salt from the floor to the box spring. After a long day on the flats, the salt hotel would be my home for the night.

The Room
I did not receive a suite upgrade. I did get plenty of covers to insulate me from the cold. The flats are freezing at night and the hotel does not have heat. Be prepared to sleep in all your clothes.

The Bar
Looking for a mixologist to make you a Bolivian cocktail? Keep looking. The hotel had a liquor cabinet with beers and a questionable bottle of whiskey. It was manned by this kid who required exact change and did not play around.

The Food
Breakfast and dinner were included. I skipped the breakfast in favor of sleep. For dinner, guests received a decent bowl of soup and plenty of chicken and fries. It was adequate and satisfying.

The Sleep
Surprisingly, I slept great. Ten hours went by too quickly. Now it was onto day 2.

This is a category 2 hotel, at best.


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