Samsung S7 Edge: My Only Camera?


I’m on my way out of Shanghai on my way to Tahiti so I have time for a quick a-live post. Since taking off from JFK, I’ve yet to break out my iconic Nikon J1 camera because the Samsung is doing the job spectacularly.

In Dubai I took it to the pool and kept my other waterproof Nikon in my luggage. The phone is water-resistant so there was no issue taking it for a dip.

In Shanghai I used it to take stunning photos of the triple towers both by day and by night. Remarkably, the night photos are better than anything I can take with my Nikon as an amateur photographer who relies heavily on auto settings.

The best part of using the Samsung as my primary camera is linking it to my Dropbox. I know my pictures are safe and accessible. This provides for real-time Instagram posts, a big positive for blogging.

I’m not ready to abandon my other cameras quite yet. I am always outraged when I see someone using their iPhone to photograph historical sights, but maybe the time has finally come when carrying an extra device won’t be necessary.

Waldorf Dubai
Waldorf Dubai

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