Sharm el-Sheikh Taxi: For 40, I Bring You Camel, Tomorrow


The hilarity of my taxi adventures continue as I take on the taxi drivers from Sharm el-Sheikh airport.

After being told that the price would be $18 for a ten minute ride, I had to sit and wait for all the happy Egyptian vacation goers to be treated fairly before the taxi mafia would acknowledge me.

Then the same song and dance of official price was performed as nobody in the group looked as if they would break rank. One driver who looked like Snoop Dogg only Egyptian rapped, “If you want that price, you wait, I bring you camel, tomorrow.”

Again the pressure was on, who would cave first?

I started doubting myself. I quickly forgot all the posts that said taxis should cost no more than 50 but could be as little as 20 and started to squirm. Again, the taxi driver broke before I did. He said 60 and after some bickering landed on 50.

The fun doesn’t stop in Egypt.

Note: This was intended to be published as an a-live post but somehow it didn’t post. 

How much for a taxi to space?
How much for a taxi to space?


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