Simply The Best: August 2017


August was the worst month in a long, long time for TPOL. It’s not because more people hate me, it’s because there was a hack to my site that redirected users to spam. That killed viewership and my desire to post. I’m finally getting back on track now. With that, here are the best posts from August 2017.

  1. Uber Pool JFK: Scam! 

    It was a waste of my time to wait for Uber Pool drivers that do not come. Uber should not offer the service from the airport if the drivers are going to be shady.
  2. Guns & Butter: Marrakech Travel Guide

    Overrated! Overrated! That’s the word to describe Marrakech. I almost left after one day but decided to stick it out in order to write this extensive travel guide.
  3. Shots! When Travel Immunizations Are Necessary 

    These aren’t the shots that TPOL is used to taking, but my typhoid and yellow fever vaccinations are more useful than a shot of Patron at last call.
  4. Madrid Party Guide: Out All Hours

    A fun night out can elevate a city from good to great.
  5. Medina, Marrakech: The Definitive Guide To Lamb Brain, Tongue, Eyeballs & More Food

    Now it was time to focus on the food stalls which are centered in the heart of the Medina.
  6. Golf in Marrakech: BYOB

    It’s definitely worth golfing in Marrakech but BYOB. Bring your own balls.
  7. What’s Your Time Worth? A $600 Delta Voucher?
    Curious, I asked how much the voucher was. She said $600. I said deal. Now, I’m in the Delta Sky Club SLC until 4PM.


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