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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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SQ Givenchy Pajamas: By Air, By Land

A niche topic of no interest to anyone except for particular travelers is when to change into the airline issued pajamas while in flight. Googling “When to change into pajamas on an airplane” yields 1,580,000 million results.

singapore airlines givenchy pajamas
What is the SEO optimization phrase for such a query, I wonder.

This will not be post 1,580,001 though I will not call out anyone who wants to spend half an afternoon calculating, analyzing, and subsequently posting on the optimal time to change into pj’s on a plane. Anything that advances the science of flying whether it be another post of champagne on a plane or snakes on a plane shouldn’t be dismissed simply because it is redundant. Losing your virginity in business class is a rite of passage that is unique and special to each of us even if the resulting report appears to be a carbon copy of everyone else’s. Having said that, I always enjoy a twist on these typical topics which is why some of my Hotel Reviews are written the way they are. (see Park Hyatt Sydney)

With the conclusion of Sunday’s sermon on the need for tolerance for fellow bloggers’ right to write whatever they want without passive aggressive postings by others hypocritical bloggers who do the same, it’s time to discuss the subject at hand: pajamas on a plane.

singapore airlines givenchy pajamas

For me, it’s not when you put your pajamas on but the appropriate time to change back into your suit and tie.

Is it when you hear the captain’s announcement, “Flight attendants please prepare the cabin for arrival.” Not for me. I keep the Givenchy’s on through immigration, out of the airport, all the way to my final destination. The stares I receive from other passengers and airport security are the same as fans who can’t help but gawk at larger than life celebrities. “That guy flew SQ suite-class, wow.”

My insistence on wearing the SQ garb and milking the celebrity of the greatest pajamas known to man extends beyond the airport. I wear them to the gym, to the bar, and to dining establishments both high-end and low. Incidentally, the only time I don’t wear the pajamas is to bed because they are made of some thermal warming fiber capable of warding off Mongolian freezing temperatures. Such is my love for these pajamas that I went to the Givenchy store in Hong Kong to purchase another pair. The salesperson smugly looked at me and said, “We don’t sell pajamas,” clearly demonstrating how little she knew about high fashion.

Today my concern (as I write this post from a coffee shop sporting my over-worn jammies), is how to acquire another pair. Though I’ve flown first-class on many airlines who offer more amenities than Singapore, none have come close to offering the couture of SQ.

Here’s to hoping that Amex comes out with another 100k offer.

singapore airlines givenchy pajamas
What’s the point of a shower on board when you have to change into substandard pajamas?






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