SPG Amex Annual FEE Increase


TPOL called it. SPG’s no foreign transaction fees on the Amex card was good news, sort of. Today Amex announced that the card’s annual fee of $65, a very reasonable fee, is going up to $95, the standard for all cards. Unless I spend cold, hard currency overseas on SPG hotels in excess of $30 of what would’ve been a 3% charge, I see no overall gain in this added ‘feature’.

The two other benefits, complimentary, Unlimited Boingo Wi-Fi and Sheraton Club Access aren’t a big deal to me because 1)I’m an SPG platinum member and will get Club Access for free 2)I have a Platinum Amex so Boingo and GoGo are an included perk for that $450 annual fee.

What do I get for $95? Nothing but another fee that I have to pay.

Trust in TPOL, he calls it all before it happens without any inside source besides common sense. Next up AA devaluation.

No Foreign Fees at the Westin Langkawi
No Foreign Fees at the Westin Langkawi

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