T-Shirt Souvenirs


What do you like to collect when you travel? I have a stellar shot glass collection that is second to none. Occasionally, I’ll travel to a country that doesn’t have shot glass souvenirs which is really frustrating. Mongolia, China, and Vietnam are examples where my search for a souvenir glass proved fruitless.

Lately, I’ve been collecting sports jerseys whether it be a Messi jersey from Argentina or a cricket one from South Africa or Sri Lanka.

By far the best souvenirs are t-shirts. Those include the ‘same same’ from SE Asia to the I Love Pho from Vietnam. The rule is to purchase these keepsakes when you come across them lest you run out of time, local currency, or get food poisoning and kick yourself for not acting.

Here’s a winning shirt that is available for purchase albeit at a much higher cost than the SE Asian street vendor.

Click Here to buy==>Turn Down Pho What! Capture



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