ThinkPad Compact BT Keyboard: I Can’t Stop Blogging


Friends,  comrades,  bloggers!  I’ve been living in blogger’s exile the last 2.5 weeks because of no Wi-Fi (and I’ve been quite the baby about it).  Looking back,  I could’ve purchased a Mifi plan which would’ve allowed me to set up a mobile Hotspot.  That would mean signing a contract,  something I had no interest in doing.

Desperation breeds ingenuity.  Unable to use my laptop,  I went online and searched for compact keyboards. I had seen a guy on my Air New Zealand flight with one and thought it was a nerdy but functional idea. Simultaneously,  the end of BlackBerry is really here.  Effective January 1, 2017, WhatsApp won’t work on that phone.  This leaves me paying AT&T $65 a month for a phone that has unlimited international data while being devoid of basic features.

The solution for this is the ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard.  It combines the best of all worlds: I have a mobile keyboard that fits in my World’s Greatest Travel Jacket,  the speed to write post after post because ThinkPad still makes the best keyboards,  and the ability to connect it to my Samsung S7 Edge which has international (slow) roaming on T-Mobile.

On the beach,  in the plane,  or (as I currently am),  in the bed,  I can quickly write an extensive post without having to deal with the annoyance of touchscreen and autocorrect.

For businesspeople,  bloggers,  and lazy people alike, I highly recommend this revolutionary accessory.  Finally, technology that works for me.





  1. Why can’t you just use a standard laptop? If you’re lugging around a keyboard of that size, wouldn’t it be just as convenient to carry an entire laptop? What gives.

    • Lol well i keep it in my travel jacket and i take it to the beach without dealing with the laptop size and battery stuff. Yes it’s eccentric but it works for me

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