Tinder: It’s Not Just For Sex


If you’re looking for a million dollar idea, I suggest building a Tinder app for travelers in a relationship where there is no expectation of sex. Apart from using this post to defend themselves, Tinder subscribers will find it tough sledding to convince their partner that their Tinder use is purely to learn the local spots for eating, drinking, and partying. But that (in addition to sex) is what Tinder can do.

When I was in Jakarta, I was clueless about where to go for good nightlife. The Grand Hyatt recommended some boring expat bars because somehow they, like most luxury hotels, think that Westerners come to hang out with other Westerners and dine at Western restaurants. While hotels only recommend expat bars, the taxis only recommend hooker bars. Clearly the overwhelming majority of locals are not going to either.

With no good options, I turned to Google for advice. Since TPOL had not written a guide for partying in Jakarta, the search results were useless. Meanwhile, my new Australian friend that I met in the club lounge, was receiving great feedback on Tinder. By feedback, I don’t mean matches based on his good looks, I mean recommendations on where to go out.

As it turned out, the place to be on a Friday night was a club called Immigrant. It was in the mall connected to our hotel, something that the Grand Hyatt failed to mention, despite its proximity. I’m not sure if my friend ever met up with his matches but what I found was a normal club with great music that was not overrun by expats and working girls.

Had I hopped on Tinder, I’m sure I wouldn’t be given the benefit of the doubt that I was using it for the wholesome reason to find where to go out. That’s why I’m asking for Kickstarter funding to launch the platonic version of Tinder. Let’s call it Iskender, after its Arab founder, Alexander, aka TPOL.

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  1. Yes, good luck for me trying to explain to my wife that I am using Tinder while on a business trip alone in Jakarta because I only want to learn the local spots for eating, drinking. LOL!!!!!!!!

  2. I’ve also had strictly platonic meet ups (mostly messaging in convos though) with locals on Tinder while travel too. With anything in life, your results are going to be based on your intentions!

  3. I used Tinder in Jakarta too to meet people. Preferably better looking people to show me around. Ultimately, being a good looking, built Asian American got me laid with two of the betters anyways.

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