TPOL Is Back, AA Is Bad, SPG Could Be Too


TPOL is back from his trip and ready to do the work of the people. I have plenty of reviews to write and photos to share which will begin tomorrow. For today, I thought I’d try to get back in the rhythm of posting from my laptop instead of from my mobile.

The points news since I left has not be very good. First, I read that Marriott is buying SPG. I doubt any points enthusiast is seeing this as a good thing. I know nothing about Marriott points and have always likened them to Delta in terms of accruing and spending points. How they will merge their program with SPG remains to be seen but let’s not pretend that it will be for the better.

Next, American Airlines has done something that I’ve expected them to do for a while. They are devaluing their awards program meaning you better book your Etihad Apartment before March 22, 2016 because the best awards program out there is about to become as mediocre as the rest.

All of this really makes me wonder how long this points game can last. We have dealt with a lot this year of which I’m too tired to recount. I’m sure we can adapt but in the event this is the Apocalypse, please remember what I’ve always stressed: Shut Up & Book! 

And now a happy photo:

That’s me DC the brain supreme


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