TPOL Is Moving to Albania! (Eventually)


Good afternoon from sunny Scottsdale. You may be asking why I am not in Tirana, Albania right now. Before I get to that excuse, let me reveal the final results from the Vote Where TPOL Moves Next! And I’ll Go There.

Tirana won by a hefty majority which still has me convinced that there was collusion in this election. Even setting up a runoff election (Tirana, Taipei, Lisbon, Or Bangkok: The Runoff Vote!) made no difference. The voters and conspirators spoke, and they sent a strong message: we want you to go to Albania. While I am convinced that the motivations for sending me to Albania were just to see me suffer, I am going to respect the democratic process and fulfill my campaign promise of moving. But, like a true politician, I am not going to be able to accomplish everything I said I would do right away. Because it is a bit cold in Tirana right now and because I want to golf this winter, my Albania move will be delayed.

Overall, this ‘vote where I move idea’ was a flop. It didn’t go viral and, as the results demonstrate, people are only interested in doing things for spite. But, like Forrest said, “A promise is a promise.”

Phoenix, Albania


  1. Seriously though, Albania is incredibly gorgeous and inexpensive with terrific food. Can’t say I would live there permanently, but for a long visit? It’s fantastic.

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