TPOL’s a-live Recap: Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix


So I went missing in action for a few days due to a hectic travel schedule. For those concerned for my well-being, here’s a quick recap of the events of the prior days:

  • Friday: Vegas late arrival at 9pm aboard Allegiant: Stayed out till 10am so didn’t really get a chance to experience the dullness of the Hyatt Place.
  • Saturday: San Diego: Departed Vegas at 2pm arrived in San Diego to check in the US Grant, a Luxury Hotel.
    • San Diego Chargers Football Game
    • ZZZ
  • Sunday: Cancelled Hyatt Place Carlsbad in favor of Andaz San Diego
  • Monday: Train to Carlsbad to Golf
    • Departed for Phoenix

As you can see there are plenty of reviews to be filed which I will do as soon as I get back to the daily routine. For now, I’m still on vacation/work with much more to do. One of the eventful parts of the trip was arriving in Phoenix yesterday. Due to terrible weather of which Phoenix hasn’t seen in a decade, the pilot couldn’t land. Instead, we circled around for an hour. At one point the pilot informed us that we would be running out of fuel in 40 minutes. That sent some chills throughout the cabin though I think he meant to say we would run out of fuel in the case we had to be diverted to another airport.

The landing was smooth and all is well. I’m still a-live.

2015-08-30 14.19.32


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