TPOL’s CFB Playoff Selection


Let the madness ensue. Tomorrow Condaleeza Rice and other randoms tell us who the top four teams in college football are.

Let’s start with who should be in without question.

1. Alabama: No need for an explanation.

2. Clemson: They repeated as ACC champs and lost on a last second FG to Pitt because of questionable play calling.

3. & 4.

I just heard Kirk Herbstreet make the case that Penn State should jump over Washington for the 4th spot. As a Michigan fan, I will say that makes absolutely no sense. Michigan destroyed Penn State and Penn State squeaked by Ohio State on a lucky blocked FG. Washington deserves to remain in the playoffs.

This leaves one spot. And if we are going on which team is the best out of Penn State, Ohio State, and Michigan, I can say with a straight face that Michigan should be in. They do not deserve to be in as Ohio State beat them but under the current playoff system they have the strongest case. I make the same argument for Michigan being in as I did for Washington. Michigan killed Penn State and OSU lost to them. Michigan could’ve, should’ve, would’ve beat OSU but they executed poorly, were the victim of questionable refeering, and lost on the road in Columbus, a place they have not won at since 2000. And they lost in double OT by a matter of inches.

In fairness, the rankings should be Alabama, Clemson, Washington, Ohio State. However, under the current system, which ranks the four best teams, Michigan should take the final spot.

Who’s in? Michigan should be.

#GoBlue #FactsOnly

How am I wrong?


  1. Four best teams IMO – Bama, Clemson, OSU, UM. Four teams that get in – Bama, Clemson, OSU, Washington. Colorado did UM no favors by losing more to Washington under same circumstances as they did to UM. As bad as Oklahoma was to begin the year, their run has benefitted OSU more than any team has benefitted from a previous win in the CFP era. I also think UM only winning one game out of the state (at Rutgers) also hurts them. Also when you lose still matters, and the later the loss, the more detrimental. 2 out of last 3 (while both on road and last play of game) hurts. Not saying it is right, just how it seems to work.

  2. Alabama, Clemson, Washington and… Western Michigan, undefeated and they won their conference, who can say that besides Alabama? 🙂

    • those aren’t the rules! it’s the best 4 team. western michigan needs to go to the little ceasars bowl to play marshall as is tradition lol

  3. i don’t see how it can’t be what it was. if clemson had lost, ok, changes. if psu had won big, ok, maybe changes. but no and no. anyhow, sunday at noon = interesting.

    i wish ncaa football had something like march madness.

    • Was waiting for you to pipe in. They shouldn’t rank anyone until the final week.And the rules are the best 4 teams. As stupid as it sounds and as biased as it sounds, Michigan is a better team than OSU if this is a voting contest. On the field they lost and they should be out but that’s not the rulesssss

      • ok. but how can mich be better than osu when osu beat mich. similarly, how can osu be better than psu when psu beat osu?

        again, we need december madness!! brackets!

        regardless, it’s gonna be osu, clem, wash, and bama. i’ll take whatever bet you want to make otherwise!

        • we agre what it is going to be but when they put together this bs committee of idiots (see the link within the article) then anyone can make a claim. neutral field mi beats osu. add in a healthy qb and it’s a beat down.

        • ok. to hell with it. let’s go to cartagena, get drunk, and watch futbol which will preempt osu losing to bama for the national title. cool?

  4. If UM and OSU cant win their division to get into a conference championship game then they certainly don’t deserve to be in the top 4

  5. Michigan’s loss at Iowa may not have hurt them in the following weeks polling, but it will certainly hurt them behind the scenes as Iowa gets very little respect historically. When push comes to shove that loss hurts them FAR more than the loss to OSU.

    • yeah i agree, that was silly. im fine with them being left out. take care of business on the field. that applies both to the ref distraction and giving a committee the power.

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