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Monday, July 22, 2024
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TPOL’s Record Readership! Means Blog Giveaway

I started TPOL back in March 2014 and would sit on WordPress hitting refresh to see if anyone came by. The goal was 100 views a day. Yesterday I surpassed 5000 views for the first time which is awesome.

In honor of this life milestone, TPOL is taking a page out of the Price Is Right and offering one of the following to whomever guesses where this photo was taken. I’m removing the metadata this time around!

  1. Award Booking Service for 1
  2. Credit Card Consult
  3. Straight Cash Homie  à la Randy Moss by way of Amazon Gift Card.

Unfortunately, I’m not Oprah so I can’t give away a new car. Please accept this prize as a token of my appreciation/bribe for reading my blog.





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