Transfer MRs Today for Avios Bonus


I do not like transferring points out of my UR account or MR account randomly because we do not know when the program we are transferring to will experience a devaluation. This time I made an exception because 1) I have over 400k MR and 2) the bonus is big enough to insulate me from any devaluation.

I decided to send over 45k MRs which resulted in 63k Avios with the 40% bonus. My British Avios balance is a healthy 125k, and I still have 53k Iberia along with another 100k Avios in the family account. These healthy balances will help me sleep well at night even though I do not have any imminent travel plans.

Are you transferring any MRs before the midnight deadline?

Use Avios to get to and from Hong Kong

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