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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Twelve at Hengshan Shanghai: The Best Breakfast in the World

This is the Twelve Hengshan Hotel Review which is part of the Tahiti Triumph Trip Report. It covers the following cities:

See the Picture Preview here and see how this $60,000 trip cost $1999 here. Be sure to check out TPOL’s Map, the best feature of the blog.

Getting There: Take the Maglev and then Uber from there.

Shanghai is my favorite city in the world. It also is home to some of the best hotels in the world. One of my new favorite hotels is Twelve at Hengshan which is part of the SPG Luxury Collection. It’s located in the French Concession right next to the metro station. I could spend hours wandering the neighborhood around the hotel with no certain destination in mind.

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Twelve at Hengshan

The Hotel 

This hotel is special because it is small and intimate. While bigger hotels like the Park Hyatt Shanghai may dominate the skyline, Twelve at Hengshan is noteworthy because of its unassuming luxury. From the lobby to the courtyard, the hotel is remarkable in its simplicity.

The Room 

I loved the room. Crazy, noisy Shanghai was right outside my door but I would never know it from the tranquility of the room.

The Bathroom 

A bathtub, a piping hot shower, and soft robes are a prerequisite for a great bathroom at a luxury hotel. Twelve at Hengshan had all three along with a heated toilet.

The Breakfast 

This hotel has the best breakfast in the world. I will qualify this statement by saying that Shanghai dumplings are one of my favorite foods. They are best prepared in the street and are usually a disappointment in upscale restaurants. Besides the dumplings, the breakfast included Chinese soup which also tastes best when served in a styrofoam bowl and costs next to nothing. That’s why I was surprised that both tasted authentic. After loading up on the Chinese treats, I also had an omelette along with the usuals. For dessert, there was amazing ice cream.

Before heading off to explore more of the city, I went out on the beautiful patio to observe a rarity in Shanghai, a crystal blue sky. While sipping on a bold espresso, the head chef approached me to ask me about the breakfast. I’m guessing he had noticed that I had tried everything on the menu and was curious what I thought. I gave him my feedback and remarked at how great the dumplings were. He said that his goal for the breakfast was to combine the best of Shanghai’s street food with top quality ingredients. Clearly, his vision had become a reality.


If I could live at this hotel and have breakfast here every day, I would be a happy man. The location can’t be beat and the small size makes it more like a cozy apartment than an impersonal business hotel.

On top of the world @ 12 at Hengshan
On top of the world @ 12 at Hengshan

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