An Ugly American? Gold Medalist in Brazil


When reports first surfaced of Ryan Lochte and other swimmers robbed by a bandit disguised as a police offer, many were quick to believe the story. Lochte did an interview and said his taxi was pulled over and a gun was put to his temple. He has walked back the story and now says that the gun was pointed at him, something scary enough if it were true.

Controversially, a Brazilian judge issued an order to restrict Lochte and his posse from leaving the country. Now, Lochte has been indicted for lying about the incident. Apparently, Lochte and his crew broke a locked door at a gas station and refused to pay for it. To cover up the incident they came up with that ridiculous story.

Americans do not have the best reputation as international travelers. Most of it is exaggerated but it’s incidents like this or the one from years ago in Singapore where a kid vandalized cars and received more than a tongue lashing that uphold the ugly American moniker.

If this story is true it will put a stain on what has been a great Olympics for the United States. It’s a classless move to exploit the violence in Rio just to get out of an immature incident. Worse still is going on national TV and coming up with this ludicrous story. No one knows where Lochte is but reports say he is back in the US.

What a disgrace.


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