Unclaim Bags to Go to Lounge?


As I sit in this turrible flight to Las Vegas on Allegiant Airlines, I find myself longing for the Amex Centurion Lounge LAS. The issue is that I was forced to check bags due to airline policy.

My question is what happens to my checked bags if I don’t claim them right away. What happens if I go to the lounge, have a few cocktails, and a pleasant dinner and then head to the bag claim?

I’m guessing that the airline would take my bag into that dreaded room full of luggage complainers. At the same time, all I can hear is that robotic warning of how bags should not be left unattended.

We are about to take off unsurprisngly not on time. For the next two hours, I’ll mull over this conundrum but I think I’m too much of a coward to give it a go.



  1. In my experience, with reputable airlines (and assuming not grabbed by someone else) they sit for a while, then the airline brings them into the luggage office. Sometimes they call and ask if you are coming. Generally the bag seems to be set aside and they will be able to give it to you immediately. You may need to wait for them to come off of break.

    With allegiant, I would be more suspicious. At least make sure you get out while the bag office is open.

  2. What Jeff said is correct. I often do this at ATL so as to avoid waiting for my bags. I can grab a bite to eat, check emails, read this blog, etc. in the lounge rather than wasting time at baggage claim.

  3. Best decision I’ve made thus far. In no hurry, just drinking and eating while planning my night in this city. I enjoy writing these comments from the comfort of the lounge and the convenience of my ThinkPad Portable BT Keyboard lol. Vegas baby haa

  4. This post could have been so much more helpful to be if I read before landing in DFW. No overhead bin space DCA-DFW and had to check my bag. Went to AA gate and asked about printing fake boarding pass just for reentry to lounge area. If you’re admirals club member and reserve ahead of time is possible. No go for me unfortunately

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