US Bank Altitude Cardholders: Don’t Forget 12 Free Gogo Inflight Passes


Gogo sure has come a long way since the days when it barely worked. Now, I’m used to connecting when I’m high in the sky. Besides catching up with friends that I usually ignore, Gogo helps distract me from the fact that I am flying in economy. Usually, I fly Delta and use the best perk of T-Mobile, free Gogo, to get me from Montana to New York. Today, I am flying United as part of the epic conclusion of a legendary rewards ticket. The journey goes from Bozeman to Chicago to Detroit, and Wi-Fi will be critical. I remembered that the US Bank Altitude card comes with 12 free inflight Wi-Fi passes. To activate the passes, go to this link and type in your credit card number. After that, login to your Gogo account and you’ll be good to go.

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