Virgin vs. Delta Fog Cancellation: Happy vs. Headache


This morning I read that there was severe fog in London and thought I was lucky that I was flying to London not from London so my travel plans wouldn’t get interrupted. It didn’t occur to me that my plane to London would have to come from London.

En route from Toronto back to the D, I receive an unexpected email from Virgin Atlantic: “You’re flight from the D to London has been cancelled. You are now rebooked on DL…”

DL! DL! No, no no, I’m not flying DL anything to anywhere. Why? 1) It’s Delta. 2) It would’ve been on board a 767. 3) It’s Virgin Atlantic Upper Class business which includes pajamas and a bar. 4) I would miss my connection to Poland even if I flied DL.

I called Virgin and they quickly changed my flight with no fuss. In fact, they said if this fog interferes with my travel plans that I could submit an inquiry with customer service and they’d look into it. I’m not one to believe airlines but somehow I think they will make it right.

Besides no longer having a flight to Athens for a marathon I’m no longer going to run nor a way to get to a city in Egypt that I’m a bit wary of going to, I have a bigger problem. Its name is Delta.

Ms. TPOL is flying the same Virgin flight on Delta but guess who placed me on hold for an hour, didn’t want to change that flight to Virgin (regardless of reasons 1-4), and didn’t even bother to notify us that the flight was cancelled in the first place? The answer of course is Delta.

Had it not been for Virgin emailing, we would’ve arrived in Detroit to find that the bar in the sky was no longer available and would’ve been stranded in London trying to figure out how to get to Poland or Athens. Now, I’m still sort of stranded but have the luxuries of home without the element of surprise to try to solve this foggy problem.

I’ll be back with updates.

Photo of fog in London courtesy of
Photo of fog in London courtesy of


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