Visit Africa’s #1 S#!T Hole Country! Namibia


Gondwana Collection, a private tour company in Namibia, has published this hilarious video asking people to visit Africa’s #1 shithole country.

According to the AP, its neighbors, Botswana and Zambia, have similar campaigns poking fun of Trump’s asinine comments. Zambia says come to the ****hole Zambia and Botswana’s refers to itself as a ‘waterhole’ country. Maybe Donald meant to say water and was confused.

I recently visited Africa, specifically Botswana, Zambia, ZimbabweKenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and South Africa as part of my South America & Africa Points Heist Tour. I’ve also gone to EthiopiaMorocco and Egypt. The characterization of these places as shithole/house is offensive, racist, and ignorant. Even if Nambia, Trump’s fictional creation, was the poorest country on earth, the level of poverty has nothing to do with the character of its people. The same is true of the aforementioned countries. For those who haven’t been to the continent of Africa, which is composed of 54 countries, I suggest going and then voicing your opinion about what you liked and didn’t like. Personally, Morocco was my least favorite! And who can forget about my visa experience in Sudan?


  1. The only problem with the blog post is that it is a total mischaracterization of what he said. It’s really easy to win an argument when you can just pretend what someone says…

  2. So we can get the “Shithole we send TPOL to – Africa edition” pool next?

    The ‘character of the people of Namibia” doesn’t warrant a mention in the add? Aren’t they ‘shitty’ enough?

  3. Trump’s own mouth is the “Shithole”!
    We got a President who is “racist, bigot, xenophobic, pedophile (Ivanka), wife-beater (Melania)” and the laughing stock of the world!
    His own father was a German(SS) which he denied to enter USA claiming to be Swedish..

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