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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Where I Stand on Min Spends

Bluebird, REDbird, Serve: all are dead. And after jumping from one to the next, so is my desire to manufacture spend. The problem is my aspiration to learn new, efficient means to reach the mins on my plethora of cards is at an all time low. Complain as I must, I wish that banks would just charge me a slightly higher annual fee and leave me alone to enjoy my bonus. The days of caring about if my Top Cash Back cleared leaving me with a slight profit in the purchase of the Rubber Duck are gone. All I want is points without hassle. Exploring the Reddit forums, I have come across some viable ways to inch forward but today I’d rather reminisce about swiping my credit card at Target twice a month for 5k per card. Tomorrow I have to get motivated to reach the mins on the following:

  • Citi Business: 3k =50kAA
  • Citi Personal: 3k =60k AA
  • United: 2k =55k United
  • Marriott: 3k =87.5k Marriot
  • Southwest: 2k =50k SWA
  • Amex Hilton: 1k =70k Hilton
  • British: 10k =Additional 50k Avios

TPOL is in need of a virtual assistant to handle this inconvenience. All interested should inquire within.

More Travel, Less Mins please
More Travel, Less Mins please




  1. I feel you. I haven’t done any MS since the death of Redbird. With a demanding family and a job to handle, the profits are too small now and the inconvenience is too much. Bank bonuses? Meh sure, but they can be tricky (scheduling DDs, avoiding ETFs, cash advance fee risk).

    • Oh since death of Redbird, wow, that was a long time ago. The point of my linked article is having a small business with real expenses is the best way to move forward. Of course, that doesn’t happen overnight.

      • As a small business with real expenses I was always satisfied without MS. The 9-12 new cards a year no problem making the spends plus racking up huge UR points on Ink. I kinda regret NOT dong some MS but in the end I feel ok about it based on all of the stories I heard about the time consuming hassles. Was easier to pick up the phone and call one of my suppliers and order $10K in materials needed for a job.

    • im going to open a few checking accounts and fund them with the $500-$1000 allowance after i read up more on the rules from doctor of credit

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