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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Where to Party Old San Juan: Best, Worst, Oldest, Grossest

Where to Party Old San Juan is part of the Despacito! TPOL Moves to Puerto Rico Trip Report.

If you’re visiting Old San Juan, get ready to drink. As an Airbnb resident of America’s Most Beautiful City, I stumbled upon a few places worthy of your time and others that certainly are not.

Let’s start with the worst: Restaurant Barrachina

Restaurant Barrachina claims to be the home of the original piña colada. I was saddened to learn that my favorite drink was pre-made (see The Original Piña Colada Comes From a Slushy Machine?).a glass of milkshake on a tableNow for the grossest: La Factoria 

Some will say that La Factoria is the best bar on San Sebastian. I am not a fan of the place. For my fellow Michigan grads, it reminds me of Rick’s American Cafe, only with expensive drinks. Those who have been to Rick’s will recognize these disgusting toilets, which is why this bar receives the distinction of grossest. a door with graffiti on it a toilet with graffiti on the wall

If you can hold it for the night and are borderline blackout, the speakeasy atmosphere can be fun. If you’re sober, then picture going to Rick’s and drinking club soda all night. No bueno. a group of people sitting at a bara group of people in a bar

a room with tables and chairs and a large mural on the wall

To being a good sport: Greengos 

Greengos was a decent choice for watching the World Cup in Old San Juan. Tijuanas was nothing special (see The World Cup! Where to Watch Sports in San Juan). a group of people sitting at a bar

A toast to the oldest: El Batey 

Missing your local dive? Go to El Batey, the oldest bar in Old San Juan.

a bar with many bottles of alcohol

a light fixture with many cards on ita group of cards from a tree

Others: San Sebastian 

San Sebastian is full of bars with different music for all tastes. Most were surprsingly empty even on the weekends.

a street with a sign and people on it
The quiet streets…
a row of cars parked on a street
a street with buildings and people
a building with a door and a sign
a little louder San Sebastian

Bland: La Taberna Lupolo

This tavern had plenty of beers on tap, but it was lacking in energy. Like La Factoria, drinks are not cheap.

a sign on a wall

a bar with a screen and beer bottles

Timeout for Street Art

There are plenty of great murals along the streets, further boosting my assertion that Old San Juan is America’s most beautiful city. a painting on a wall a door with a star on it a wall with a painting of people

Finally, the best: La Verguenza 

If you’re not looking to unwind on a Sunday, head to La Verguenza. There is live music, dancing, and the best mojito known to man. The sunset view of the sea can’t be beat.

a group of people outside a building a group of people outside of a building a group of people standing in a street a flag with a skull and crossbones on it a group of people standing on a sidewalk by the water a can of beverage and a drink in a cup

a body of water with houses and trees


Partying in Old San Juan was surprisingly disappointing. I still have to go San Sebastian Street Festival, but apart from that that, I have no interest in returning unless it’s for a mojito at La Verguenza.



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