Where’s My Club Carlson Free Nights Letter?


The Internets is a buzzin about St. Nick dropping off a present to holders of the US Bank Club Carlson card which underwent an ugly makeover a few months ago. I just wrote about how one of my Club Carlson accounts was credited 7500 points without me having to call in and complain about the devaluation. Immediately thereafter, I read the news that US Bank was offering one night free at any Club Carlson resort in a hand delivered letter.

Though I checked the mail religiously, I had yet to receive anything. All my credit cards are set to paperless so it didn’t cross my mind that I failed to update my mailing address for this card before moving to Ulaanbaatar. Sure enough, it still says Arizona.

Maybe that’s why Christmas didn’t come early. Anyone else not receive a letter?



    • Everyone has to get one. It’s not like people were spending on it. I did load it with the Redbird a few times so if that’s a req I met it!

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