30 for 30: TPOL’s Blog Editor


What if I were to tell you that all blogs aren’t proofread? That bloggers rely on their poor grasp of English when publishing posts? On the next 30 for 30, we interview my editor.

The story begins like this – in April of 2017, TPOL hired cliffordbarnabus to make sure that I was not that bad blogger. I have shared his story in a few posts (see Who Is The Most Interesting Man in the World (After TPOL)?). Although it has been over three years, I have not met Clifford nor have I ever spoken to him on the phone and thankfully he’s not capable of doing Zoom. We were supposed to have a blogger’s romance, but then you know what showed up. Lately, I have been failing to inform him when I publish posts, leaving him feeling jilted and my blogs riddled with errors. As such, I have declared 9/9 Editor’s Day – a yearly holiday here at TPOL Enterprises in the hopes that we stay together for many years to come.

I know I don’t say it enough but thank you for your hard work and dedication.



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