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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
Homethe promoA Picture Is Worth 242 Pgs: My Free Book Giveaway

A Picture Is Worth 242 Pgs: My Free Book Giveaway

The demand for my book has been in high demand. I should say the demand for my book for free has been in high demand. Friends and family alike have messaged me, “Hey, I heard your book came out, when am I getting a free signed copy?”

I had a book signing two weeks ago and gave away 100 books. You can read about that great promotion here. Still, I felt bad that not everyone was able to attend so I am giving away a free paperback or Kindle copy to the first person who correctly guesses where the picture below was taken.

If you are outside the normal Amazon shipping locale then I can only offer the Kindle version. For me to get a copy of my own book in Mongolia would cost me $50 so I feel your pain.

Now, if nobody even leaves a comment that is probably more telling about my marketing strategy. And if people do participate, then maybe I will have this giveaway once a week.

Also, if you just want to be nice and buy it, you can do that here.

The rules are as follows:

1. You have to actually read the book and write a review on Amazon, as seen spectacularly here.

2. The winner is the person who most specifically identifies the location. For example, if I get Arizona as an answer and someone gives me W Scottsdale, then the latter person will be the winner.

3. I won’t confirm who the winner is until someone guesses the right country, maybe continent. If you have a book already you can still play!

And now on with the picture…





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