AA Ticket: Y’all Got Drama, The Saga Continues


To quote the voice of my generation, Puff Daddy d/b/a P. Diddy, aka Sean Puffy Combs, Diddy or as he’s known by the UCLA police, Sean Jean Combs, “Y’all got drama, the saga continues.”

What other way can I explain this Mitt Romney meets John Kerry flip-flop philosophy utilized by American Airlines when it comes to changing award tickets post devaluation. Here’s a recap to the recap (can’t stop, won’t stop) for my return flight post Tahiti:

I’ve been burned by airlines too many times to ever rest easy after receiving the all-clear for a reservation. I used to believe that ‘ticketed and confirmed’ meant I was ready to take flight then United cancelled my flight from Tahiti to Shanghai multiple times without telling me.

So of course, I was slightly suspicious when St. Peter said that I could go to Detroit for no additional miles and only a $150 change fee. Still, it seemed logical that this change should be made which is why I wasn’t too concerned when I didn’t receive a confirmation email right away.

Then this afternoon there were ‘technical difficulties’ on AA’s page which made me a little bit nervous. Nevertheless, I still wrote my post AA Changes Courses on TPOL, Literally to spread the gospel that AA was a rationale being. Well that post like Michigan’s celebration over MSU was premature.

When AA’s site went back online, my reservation said ‘Call to Pay.” I nervously followed those instructions. It turns out that my guardian angel agent had made a mistake and that I would have to pay both the 20k + $150 to make this change.

I was connected to a manager who took pity on me and admitted that AA is having all sorts of confusion post devaluation. He proposed the following:

  • Reissue the ticket at the new rate of 70,000 miles with no $150 change fee.
  • Credit my account 10k AA miles.

That would still leave me 5k short. One can argue that the $150 change fee waiver offsets the 5k but that person would not be TPOL. I asked the manager what would’ve happened had I not called in. He said I would’ve had an interesting experience in Shanghai when I went to depart; I would have a ticket but it would have to be reticketed there for the extra 20k. How do you think that would’ve played out? TPOL in a Chinese jail is not a good look.

The manager recommended that I write to AA customer service and believed that they would credit me the 5k for this fascinating mess. I accepted his offer and wrote the letter.

Are we having fun yet?


What I do to get to LaFayette!
What I do to get to LaFayette!


  1. And you are supposed to be a pro? Doesn’t sound like you know what on earth you are doing. Anytime a ticket is on request with AA it will say call to pay regardless.

    Also genius if you want to get to Detroit and not pay just change your routing not your destination!? Does one have to spoon feed you? Just fly Dfw-Dtw-Ord-jfk book a long layover in Dtw and get off and ditch!! This is not difficult

    • Hi ‘Obvious’ It is ‘obvious’ from your response that you didn’t read the linked posts. And thank you for calling me a genius. I agree with that part.

      Please send your apologies and a check for your misguided comments via Western Union for wasting everyone’s time.

      • Yeah you must be a genius because you tried to change your destination, which will obviously caus a reprice.

        Which part of connect in Detroit with Newark still being your final and ditch don’t you understand?

        • 1) That doesn’t help my golf bags and my suitcase of tailored clothes from China 2) Why do you have to be so rude about it initially if you are indeed right?

        • hmm…now this fraudulent genius gets your point. but you see i wouldn’t have thought to try your approach had the agent not said that I could change it to DTW.

          And ultimately, I believe that I can call myself an accidental genius because my ignorance allowed me to get the $150 waived and i’m hopeful I will get the 5k miles credited.

          TPOL admits when he is wrong but doesn’t appreciate the extracurricular insults.

        • 1. Again spoon feeding, I said to book a long layover perhaps 23 hours. This would force them to short check your luggage which could be retired in DTW.

          2. You have a blog and I believe you have a responsibility to know or research the crap you are talking about before publishing it giving others bad information and also complaining about a company with no grounds.

        • Although you sound like a complete prick, I am willing to concede your point as to your ingenuity. Nevertheless, I still fare better with how it worked out for me. $0 change fee + (most likely) 0 miles lost.

          And no bad information was given. You contradict yourself when you come to the defense of the company while simultaneously trying to bypass the rules by ditching the last segment.

          So yes I’m back to calling myself a genius while I wait for another petty insult followed by a little bit of valuable information, culminating with another insult.

        • A post entitled “Captain Obvious: No Domestic Routing Changes Post AA Deval” sound like garbage information to me and is misleading. Also I don’t care to defend AA I just believe that before opening ones mouth one should know what they are talking about.

          Also call me whatever rude words you like, I didn’t stoop too hat level. At the end of the day I was correct and informed and you were wrong and uninformed. No changing that!

        • Haa! Oh sorry that the word prick took this to the Donald Trump level. I had my Rubio moment I guess when I mirrored your condescending tone.

          And I was relying on the information that AA gave me that says no routing changes. Your trick, as cute as it is, still is against ‘the rules’. And my gripe is still valid: Why does AA want me to go through the hoops of tricking the system when they could accommodate domestic reservation changes and charge the $150 fee.

        • Why does it rain sometimes? It just does so bring an umbrella. AA’s policy is AA’s policy deal with it or get smart before spouting out nonsense.

        • Ladies and gentlemen, we have a philosopher. And this concludes our broadcasting day. Stay tuned for next episode when obvious provides more insight with his unique sarcastic tone. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  2. wow you are one entitled acting human being. why should AA have to waive a fee or refund you miles for you trying to do something that doesn’t fit their policies. its bloggers like you who make the MS community look bad. Watch the south park episode about Yelpers and you’ll see yourself in the mirror. Jerk.

    • ok buddy, keep supporting big businesses. trickle-down economics works so well. be sure to pay for checked bag with a smile on your face even though the price of oil is at an all time low

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