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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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airBaltic: When It Finally Takes Off

Air Baltic Flight Review is part of the Iraq Homecoming Trip Report.

When I booked airBaltic, I had low expectations since, as any avid Monopoly player knows, Baltic Avenue is the cheapest property to buy.

TPOL’s Tip: Always snatch up Baltic Avenue and Mediterranean, not because they are ideal properties, but because they provide reliable income as those looking to avoid Boardwalk and Park Place inevitably land here.

Before even arriving at the airport, I had an issue with airBaltic. They canceled my direct flight from Tallinn to Vilnius. I received an email saying, “Sorry, we had to cancel.” A half-hour later, I received another email saying that I had been re-booked on a flight from Tallinn to Riga and then to Vilnius. Instead of arriving at 8:50PM, I would now arrive at midnight. That was inconvenient as my Guns & Butter Travel Philosophy does not factor in delays. Now I would only have one night to explore Vilnius.

an airplane with seats and windows an airplane wing on a runwayThe flight from Tallinn to Riga was without incident. The A220, advertised as one of the greenest planes in the sky, was on time and was brand new. The flight from Riga to Vilnius was farther and we did not arrive until closer to 1AM. Like my flight to Warsaw from JFK (Lot Airlines: Terrible Transit in Warsaw ), there was no jet bridge. Passengers had to climb the stairs. While this afforded me the opportunity to take my favorite airplane photo, I wondered how I would have made it up the stairs had my Achilles been as it was only a few weeks ago (see TPOL Is Down). an airplane on the runway

airBaltic flies new planes. Whether the flight takes off on time or if at all is another question. Whether I have any recourse against airBaltic, I do not know as I have not reviewed the Passengers Rights Documentation.

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  1. Hi,
    Is the fly 3 hours delay, you should get 250 euro for the delay…. But airbaltic is there special… There will pay not before it go to the court. Is that so …give the case to airhelp or some else.

    I know from what I speak ….I was 5 years airbaltic VIP, but i am not more flying with them… Use now most time Finnair or lot and must fly a segment more…and it need more time….
    But I must not more flying with them

  2. “I wondered how I would have made it up the stairs had my Achilles been as it was only a few weeks ago” At European airports, ambulifts will take you to your aircraft if you request assistance as a Sierra. (Sierra -> Steps).

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