Alaska Airlines Rejection: Maybe I Do Have Too Many Inquiries


Here’s something you don’t ever hear from BOA: “I’m sorry we can’t approve you for a card at this time.”

Currently, I have a balance of 7,000 Alaska points which would get me from Juneau to Fairbanks if I was lucky. In order to shore up this meager balance which is a result of booking another Emirates flight to Shanghai en route to Tahiti, I applied for an Alaska Airlines credit card. A week ago, I successfully made a $32,000 purchase on my current Alaska card to fund my Citi Gold Checking account, a topic for a separate post.

I figured that 32k + 25k + 7k would be a nice way to start off the new churn year and that this time I would be more judicious with my use of Alaska points. Flying Emirates in Shower Class is great but because the walls of the points hustle are closing in, it would be more advisable to save the precious Alaska points for a round trip in business.

I was not afforded the opportunity to apply this wisdom because I was rejected and given the lame US Bank/Barclays excuse, “too many inquiries.” Hearing this from BOA is like being called a drunkard by your alcoholic friend. Have I hit rock bottom? Do I really have too many inquiries? Should I reevaluate my points life? (see what I did there?)

Maybe I’ll take a small break. I mean Citi did just approve me for a Citi AA personal and Citi AA business last week. Hmm, maybe that means things aren’t out of control. Maybe things are fine.

There’s only one way to cure this rejection hangover: more applications!

Thanks for nothing BOA
Thanks for nothing BOA




  1. I got rejected for my second Alaska Air card. I called to lower my limit to 5k and waited 3 months, applied and got approved.

  2. Rock bottom seems to be easier and easier to hit these days. You might have better luck opening a business checking and appying for an AS Biz card at the same time. You still get the sign up bonus, and $2500/month spend on the card waives fees on the biz checking. Plus it is a good place to deposit MS booty. Good luck.
    I’ve redeemed 400K Alaska for Emirates awards and almost have enough between us for another 400K. I miss the BofA AS debit card 🙁
    Now I’m starting to get nervous.

    • Oh that’s a lovely balance. I need to close my AS Biz card that I have now soon then wait and go after them again applying the business checking strategy.

      Your plunder of AS is like mine with AA. The worst is how many points I have that could hypothetically be transferred to SQ but the reality is that finding award availability is next to impossible. I did it once and have not seen anything real since. Those who say otherwise need to present evidence!

  3. I got rejected by them for the first time in October, because I already have the card. Well, I had 3, actually. Closed one, closing another soon, and will try again at the 6 month mark.

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