Alaska Business Approved! When Recon Calls You


The 866 number showed up on my caller ID. I figured it was a lonely telemarketer so I answered. Instead, it was an analyst from Bank of America. Unprepared and under-caffeinated, I found myself on the hot seat answering questions about why I applied for an Alaska Business credit card. Unlike when I have my Chase recon script handy, I had to wing the call. The toughest question is why I wanted the Alaska card. That was a good inquiry because Alaska is not as valuable post the Emirates devaluation or the latest deval which doesn’t allow for JAL Premium Economy Awards.

I actually applied for this card because Bachuwa Law, your friend in consumer protection, needs a separate account to keep the books straight. And I might as well get 30k points while I’m at it.

Besides that question, I was asked my revenue and profit and then I was approved.

If these were the good old days, I’d have more than enough to fly Emirates Shower. Without any compelling awards, I will break the golden rule and hoard these points.

Still the best
Still the best


  1. Can the Alaska cards still get churned every 90 days?

    Regarding Recon calling you, that happened with my pending Barclay Aviator 40K app. It went relatively easy in comparison, now just waiting for that bonus to show up.

    • I didnt receive mine right away but sent them a secured message and they confirmed it was coming. It showed up quickly after that.

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