Amboseli National Park: My Second Beautiful Safari


The Amboseli National Park post is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

What is Amboseli? It’s a national park in Kenya named after the sand storms that blow through the vast terrain. ‎While Mara is famous for its cats (did not see a leopard), Amboseli is known for its elephants. Following an evening arrival, we prepped for two games in Amboseli. One would be in the morning to see the lay of the land. The second would be the afternoon in search of lions.

What’s the difference between my experience in Mara and Amboseli? When I went to Mara, the park looked like the jungle under Mufasa. There were zebras, wildebeests, giraffes, and wildlife relishing in the circle of life. By contrast, Amboseli was a death wasteland with Uncle Scar at the helm. There had been a drought benefitting the vultures and hyenas. In Mara, ‎the driver would point and yell out ‘giraffe’ ‘zebra’. In Amboseli, the driver would yell out ‘dead zebra’. Don’t get me wrong, the park is beautiful. Seeing the contrast makes you appreciate the power of nature.

TPOL as Lion King

The Elephants

Elephants, elephants, elephants! There were countless elephants that came close enough to the road to photograph. Even the monkeys liked to observe.

The Strong Survive
There was an African bull that was injured at the hands and jaws of the lions.

There was a group of lionesses and their cubs. We watched them cross the street and stalk out a group of zebras and wildebeests. It was quite the site. The zebras and wildebeests stood on guard, waiting for the attack. The lions, in no hurry, took a nap. The driver said that the lions would stay put until nightfall and then attack.

The Trees
In Mara and Amboceli, I took many pictures of the trees. While photographing one, we noticed a group of cheetahs. Unfortunately, I do not have a 1000mm camera to prove it.

Done With Animals
After game drives, possible malaria, game drives, and more drives, I am done with animals. The safari experience was superb, but I don’t know how people do it for dozens of days at a time. Two full days in each park is sufficient, especially if you are lucky enough to see most or all of the big five.

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