Simply The Best: TPOL in 2017


Happy New Year from your favorite travel blogger and world explorer. And Happy New Year from TPOL. 2017 is in the books, but that doesn’t mean I won’t dwell on all the ass-kicking I did last year. Here are the top posts from the year and one selected post per month:

Simply The Best: January 2017:

  • Ganbei! The Guide to Making Friends in China

    Nothing is better than going to a city for the first time. This is especially true if that new city happens to be in China. From Shanghai to Shenzhen, each city in China is different. The one constant is how easy it is to make Chinese friends by going out for a night on the town.

Simply The Best: February 2017

Simply The Best: March 2017 

Simply The Best: TPOL Turns 3 Today!

Name the 5 greatest bloggers of all time. Read this itinerary and you’ll see that it’s TPOL, TPOL, TPOL, TPOL, TPOL.

Simply The Best: April 2017

TPOL tries to monetize the blog by introducing Bill Pay Sundays.

Simply The Best: May 2017

Simply The Best: June 2017

  • Amalfi Coast: A Beautiful Tourist Trap

    I hate tours. I say hate with a capital 8. Short on time, the only practical way to see the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii is on an 8 hour bus tour which goes for $85.

Simply The Best: July 2017

  • Guns & Butter: Marseille Travel Guide

    Bienvenue a Marseille, a city overlooked by many. After a short stay in Paris, I came here to celebrate my all important 35th birthday. There was plenty to do and with only two nights, not enough time to do it.

Simply The Best: August 2017

Simply The Best: September 2017

  • Attending A Bullfight In Madrid: A Range of Emotions

    Bullfighting is controversial. I didn’t have a strong opinion about it before I went, and my thoughts on the pastime were more mixed after going. Before getting into that, let me talk about the stadium and the spectacle of the event.

Simply The Best: October 2017

Simply The Best: November 2017

November gets two shout outs:

The time had come to go on one of the top highlights of my South America & Africa trip. I booked my salt flats tour upon arrival in Uyuni.

Simply The Best: December 2017


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