Simply The Best: December 2017


Happy New Year from TPOL. By the time this is published, Michigan should be up soundly against South Carolina and should provide the Big Ten a clean sweep of bowl games. If that is not the case and we are collectively depressed, then let’s shift our attention to something more uplifting: the best posts of December 2017.

  1. Ethiopian Business JNB-ADD: The Worst Flight Experience
Had to change the title of this post to more accurately reflect the content . The original title, ‘The Worst Flight Ever’, resulted in psychotic comments. People are nuts. I stand by the conclusion, this flight was worse than Allegiant or Frontier.

2. Happy Festivus! Airing of Points Grievances 2017

For those that forget that my blog is not meant to be taken too seriously: let me tell you all the ways that airlines, hotel chains, credit card companies, bloggers, and commentators have disappointed me over the last year

3. Bah Humbug! A Journey Of Scrooge, AKA TPOL’s, Christmas Travels

While celebrating Festivus by complaining, the Ghost of Christmas past knocked on my door and told me to be a bit more upbeat. Heeding his advice, I began to reminisce about all the great places I have spent Christmas in the past.

4. Guns & Butter: Victoria Falls Travel Guide

This is the best guide for everything to do in and around Victoria Falls. It includes Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana.

5. TPOL Moves to Scottsdale: My Drive to the Desert

I am writing it to document it for the sequel of my book (Buy Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong, audio version with Brian Cohen from The Gate – coming soon).

6. Maasai Mara: Day 1 of Safari

Satisfied with day one, we headed back to the lodge.

7. Malaria Or Food Poisoning? Day 2 Safari Ruined

The driver said it is extremely rare to encounter lions mating! Meanwhile, I was dying in the room.




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