And Now Hilton Diamond: The Gluttony Continues


You people are monsters. I’m not talking about you taking me out. That part, I get. But look at all that shit. Do you really need all that shit? For Christ sakes, it’s Christmas. -Willie in Bad Santa

Today I got upgraded to Hilton Diamond. For those counting or caring, I am now SPG Platinum, Hyatt Diamond, and Hilton Diamond. So why don’t I feel like it? Because at some point, we as points enthusiasts have to ask ourselves, the obvious question, “What is the point?”

Do we need status at every hotel? Do we need to open one more INK card to rival our friend’s UR balance? Do we even enjoy our hotel stays or are we too busy taking pictures of the upgrade?

Obviously the answer is a profound yes! But, it does make me feel a bit icky, for lack of a better term, that I am so obsessed with it all. Where does it all end? When will it be enough?

Now that I’ve done my penance, I need to get in on this Citi Gold Checking Account before the year is done. AA is devaluing soon and…

Sort of useless status. Gold gets you basically the same.
Sort of useless status. Gold gets you basically the same.


  1. 3 years ago, I had no hotel status at all.

    Then thanks to Marriott Platinum Challenge and a family summer road trip, we made Platinum.

    Next came mid-tier status in Hilton, Hyatt, and SPG thanks to credit cards.

    Now I’ve landed Hyatt Diamond, and keeping fingers crossed for Hilton Diamond.

    Silly? Not for leisure travel with family. Breakfast included and possibility of a suite makes it all MUCH easier.

    If I was doing the lonesome biz traveller thing, MEH!

    • I agree that the perks aren’t silly. The greed is silly. Suites and breakfast are nice but there was a time when we went on vacation not to stay in the room and enjoy the same continental breakfast. That’s the bigger point I was making.

      • Greed is not making use of programs, that lets you enjoy your trip more. Without
        having to feed the kids cereal bars because breakfast
        isn’t in your budget.

        I don’t care so much about the LUXURY of a room, however for the time that we MUST spend in a room, there’s nothing at all enjoyable about being crammed into a standard room with multiple children under 8 years old. Bigger equals more peace. Bigger means not sleeping 4 in a King bed. Perhaps there is a pullout couch, or at least ROOM for a rollaway bed without having to crawl across things to get to the bathroom.

        Greed is when someone puts out a plate of food for the whole office, and you sneak in early and snarf all of it and take it home. Greed is pulling down 10 million while you begrudge your maid paid time off. Greed leads you to backstab friends for every advantage. I see no greed here.

    • @Jeremy
      I emailed 25th as well. Just got confirmation for diamond anout and hour ago (1900 CST). Matched from my Hyatt Plat status. They still must be processing I’m guessing.
      Good quote from @bill above

      • Diamond for all! But I would like everyone to follow up if they received notable perks from being diamond versus gold. SPG platinum to gold is a huge change and Hyatt diamond to platinum is the biggest of them all. Next year I have Hilton Moorea and 2 night stay certificates to burn and im not expecting much. Still, it feels good to be spoiled.

  2. Having status is like a condom: I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. I, too, as SPG Platinum, have now been matched to Hyatt Diamond and Hilton Diamond. With status, I likely will be splitting my stays in 2016 between Starwood/Marriott and Hyatt…and stay at Hilton only in the unusual case where there is no Starwood/Marriott or Hyatt. I hope to retain my SPG Plat status based on 50 nights, possibly 75, and still re-earn my Hyatt Diamond with 25 stays or 50 nights. Once Marriott announces what the merged Marriott-Starwood loyalty program looks like, I’ll decide to either stick with them or switch to Hyatt. I’m already Marriott Gold by virtue of United Gold, so that helps, too.

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