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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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King George Hotel Athens: It’s Great to Be King

The King George Athens Hotel Review is part of the Trip Report Athens Marathon: The Original Course which includes the following cities:

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Getting There: Take the x95 bus for 5 euros. It drops you off at Syntagma Square where the hotel is located.

Here is a bold statement: The King George Athens is one of the best hotels in the world. If you exclude the view in the Maldives or the tranquility of Seychelles and focus only on the property itself, this argument holds water.

I stayed at the King George when I first arrived in Athens, switched to the Hotel Grand Bretagne which was supposed to be nicer only to switch back to the King George. The hotels are adjacent to one another but that’s as close as they get in terms of similarity.

King George to the left, Hotel on the right
King George to the left, Hotel Grand Bretagne on the right

The Staff 

The Hotel Grand Bretagne’s staff were prim and proper. The staff at the King George were professional yet approachable. I’m partial to the staff at Hotel George because of their great food recommendations and because one member had also ran the Athens marathon.

The Cost 

On points the hotel is 6000 SPG + $110 a night. In tradable currency, it is cheaper than the Hotel Grand Bretagne.

The Decor 

If there’s such a thing as too nice, it is the Hotel Grand Bretagne. The Hotel George on the other hand was beautiful in its simplicity.

2015-11-05 22.04.03
A Luxury Hotel
2015-11-05 22.04.15
The lobby
2015-11-05 22.04.26
2015-11-05 22.04.40
Simple sophistication
2015-11-05 22.05.53
The art
The lifts
The lifts
2015-11-05 22.06.41
The grand floor
2015-11-05 22.07.07
For sale by owner
2015-11-05 22.07.32
You talkin to me? The Armoire
2015-11-05 22.08.00
Interesting piece
2015-11-05 22.07.52
Stairs to…
2015-11-05 22.08.15
Another marathon runner

The Room: Junior Suite 

The first night I was upgraded to a junior suite which was nothing short of perfect. It had a comfortable king size bed, a cozy loveseat sofa, and a large HD TV that actually transmitted HD channels. The welcome gift was chocolates and an amaretto liqueur. No one could ask for more.

The door
The door
The hall
The hall
The loveseat
The loveseat
The bed
The bed
The blackout curtains
The blackout curtains
Locked artifiacts
Locked artifiacts
The vase
The vase
2015-11-05 22.13.27
The luxury collection
Saved this bottle
Saved this bottle
Welcome gift art
Welcome gift art
The chocolates
The chocolates
The bathroom
The bathroom
The tub shower
The tub shower
The shower
The shower
Welcome Alexander
Welcome Alexander

The Room: Deluxe Suite

After switching back to the King George, I was upgraded to a deluxe suite. It was like the junior suite but on a grander scale. If it had been equipped with a kitchen, I wouldn’t mind calling it home.

2015-11-08 17.36.42
The fireplace
2015-11-08 17.36.49
Living room
2015-11-08 17.36.56
2015-11-08 17.37.00
View of the master
2015-11-08 17.37.02
The work desk
2015-11-08 17.37.16
A great bed
2015-11-08 17.37.30
Master TV
2015-11-08 17.37.43
Master bath
2015-11-08 17.37.47
Master sink
2015-11-08 17.37.53
Excellent soaps & scrubs
2015-11-08 17.38.25
The minibar extras
2015-11-08 17.38.34
The second bathroom
2015-11-08 17.39.27
Souvenir pillow
2015-11-08 17.39.41
View of the living room
2015-11-08 17.40.16
My likeness
2015-11-08 17.40.24
The Acropolis
Opened this one


The Breakfast 

Continental breakfasts become bland because they consist of the basic staples: eggs, fruit, and breads. Usually, I skip breakfast in favor of sleeping in. Do not make this mistake at the Hotel George. Not only is the view spectacular but the pancakes are the best I’ve ever had. The omelette is far too big for one person making the buffet superfluous.

6AM breakfast
2015-11-06 05.32.04
2015-11-06 05.31.55


The King George is a wonderful hotel in a great location. The rooms are well-appointed, luxurious, and modern. I certainly recommend staying here if you visit Athens.

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