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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Hotel Grande Bretagne: Athens Luxury

The Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens Hotel Review is part of the Trip Report Athens Marathon: The Original Course which includes the following cities:

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Getting There: Take the x95 bus for 5 euros. It drops you off at Syntagma Square where the hotel is located. Be sure to scrape together cash before getting ripped of at the currency exchange at the airport.

The Hotel Grande Bretagne is traditional luxury at its finest. Everything is fancy and sophisticated in keeping with Athenian culture.

Espresso in the am
Espresso in the am

The Location 

Right next to Syntagma Square, the Hotel Grand Bretagne provides the ideal location from which to explore Athens. The major attractions including the Acropolis are all within walking distance.

The Hotel
The Hotel Grand Bretagne
The Exterior
The Exterior

The Lobby 

2015-11-06 17.29.50
Seating Area
2015-11-06 17.30.13
Athenian decadence
2015-11-06 17.30.02
The grand rug
2015-11-06 17.29.07
Waiting for the lift
The Directory
The Directory

The Hotel 

2015-11-06 17.35.23
An ancient Greek
2015-11-06 23.44.31
Attention to detail
2015-11-06 17.34.11
The grand staircase
2015-11-06 17.34.42
Looking down the staircase

The Room 

I used a SPG Suite Upgrade and was given a Deluxe Suite. The room included a butler who was on call until 11pm. The butler services include pressing shirts, providing restaurant recommendations, and giving directions. I didn’t end up using his services so I can’t compare it to the excellent butler at the St. Regis New York.

The room was very elegant with beautiful chandeliers, a marble bathroom, and as the website puts it ‘classical furniture.’ I must not be Penske material because I found it to be gaudy and boring. There’s a distinct difference between smart luxury and let’s go play croquet luxury. If you’re looking for the latter, this is your place.

2015-11-06 17.41.22
The B
2015-11-06 17.42.33
The Butler
2015-11-06 17.43.43
The entrance
2015-11-06 17.44.08
The Chandelier
The Living Room
The Living Room
2015-11-06 17.47.06
The dated TV in the living room
The bedroom
The bedroom
2015-11-06 17.47.16
Lamp and light show
2015-11-06 17.48.20
The guest chair
2015-11-06 23.42.27
Complimentary water
2015-11-06 23.36.12
After dinner drink and chocolates
2015-11-06 17.47.43
Fine soaps and scrubs
2015-11-06 17.47.39
Marble bathroom
Tub + TV
Tub + TV

The Cigar Lounge 

Please stop by my Cigar Lounge for a nightcap or the Alexander Bar located on the ground floor.

2015-11-06 23.46.43
Alexander’s Cigar Lounge
2015-11-06 23.47.04
Great whiskey selection
2015-11-06 23.47.55
The cigar list
2015-11-06 17.32.12
Make it a double
2015-11-06 17.32.48
Voted Best Hotel Bar in the World

The Rooftop 

The room had a courtyard view but that was fine because the view from the rooftop restaurant and bar was surreal.

2015-11-07 11.17.48
Breakfast view of the Acropolis
2015-11-07 11.18.14
Parliament and breakfast
Breakfast view
Breakfast view
2015-11-07 11.20.03
2015-11-06 23.56.26
Acropolis by night
Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens Hotel Review
Parliament by night
Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens Hotel Review
Cocktail menu
Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens Hotel Review
The Last Cocktail before the marathon
Cocktail art
Cocktail art

The Staff 

Courteous and professional is an accurate way to describe the staff. They were refined but not pompous and very welcoming.

The Cost 

6000 SPG + $110/night was a great value considering the suite goes for $600/night.


You have two choices if you want to stay at in SPG hotel in Syntagma Square, the Hotel Grande Bretagne or the King George which is located next door. I stayed in both and prefer the King George for its modern, unassuming luxury.

Hotel Grande Bretagne

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