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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Chase Sapphire: No Retention Offer…Again

Another day, another annual fee (another year another Michigan loss to OSU) forced me to call Chase and plead for a retention offer. Call number one yielded nothing, not even the option to downgrade. Call number two resulted in the option to downgrade the card to the plastic no annual fee version.

Chase didn’t care to help me with the Ink and they didn’t care to help me with the Sapphire either. Sapphire used to be my favorite card because of the Ultimate Rewards it generated and because it weighed a ton. I haven’t used it since I forgot it at a bar last April and never called to get a new one. (Thank you honest bartender for not running up my tab.)

Unless I receive a promotional offer from a branch, I don’t see how I can generate URs like I was able to do before the anti-churning rules came into effect. Now, I rely on Ink utility bills and Freedom categories to keep the URs stacked.

Sad day here at TPOL as I grieve for the Wolverines and my Sapphire.

So long my love
So long my love




  1. Same result for me when I called last month. I gave them my best, “You need me as much as I need you!” speech, but no dice. If I didn’t value the primary rental insurance and URs so much I’d ditch it, but alas they have kept me for one more year.

    • I’m actually a great Chase customer! Not even a real churner with them and they don’t seem to care. They’ve become too indifferent which is why I’m focusing my real spending on Citi/Amex. Hopefully they come to their senses. And the damn card doesn’t even have the added annual UR bonus for annual spend.

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