Back From BACON: What Bloggers Are Really Like


Prepare yourself for this TMZ post about BoardingArea bloggers. This past weekend, I was in DC for a conference where everything from politics to points was discussed. In attendance were the famous bloggers that I have been reading for years and many that were newer to the game.

So what was everyone like? This may be disappointing to read but there really is not any gossip to share. They are what we thought they are. Their blog voice is just an extension of their personalities. Lucky really is an airline enthusiast. Gary is all about finance. Miles the Monkey is a celebrity. And Bald Thoughts is actually written by a bald guy. Oh, and TPOL is an a&$ho!e.

Readers should know that the BoardingArea group is truly composed of points and travel experts. It would have been interesting to take a survey of the number of countries traveled cumulatively and the number of miles flown to get a sense of how well-traveled this group is. Beyond that I was also impressed with the professional background of the group. “I’m a lawyer, consultant, cfo in real life.”

Besides meeting the BA family, I also learned a lot about transforming a blog from a hobby to a business which is more intricate than throwing up more ads and affiliate links on my site. Finally, I found out that fellow bloggers do read my blog and a few of them even like it.

All in all it was a great weekend but now it’s time to get back to the business of blogging, the writing.




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