Dear Delta: Why You Gotta Be So Rude?


I’m currently making my way from the west to the east for my first ever Boarding Area conference. I’m looking forward to meeting members of the BA crew and seeing what DC is like days away from this crazy election.

My journey began aboard Delta from BZN to MSP. I was upgraded to economy comfort, one seat behind busines class. I’m assuming it’s because of my Delta Amex as I have no status on the airline. At MSP,  I was once again moved up to economy comfort, once again seated behind the business class passengers who stare me down with contempt as I walk through their cabin.

While the ground crew took care of the upgrades, the flight crew was nothing short of miserable. To start, my tiny bag did not fit perfectly in the overhead bin. The flight attendant told me to move it but did not provide any recommendations as to where I should put it. (Why passengers with Zone 1 boarding feel the need to place their bag in the first available bin is beyond me. This just creates more logistical headaches for everyone.)

Since all the bins in peasant were full, one of the friendly passengers in business class, moved his bag to another bin and helped me with my bag. He said to me, “I don’t get what her problem is. This isn’t World War II.” Not sure Iget the reference, but I appreciated that someone else recognized her piss poor attitude.

The royal treatment didn’t stop there. When the flight attendant came around for drinks, she snarkly said to me and the person sitting next to me ‘pretzels or cookies?’ We couldn’t hear her because it’s loud as a World War I trench standoff and asked her to repeat herself. Rolling her eyes, she did. I took the pretzels.

Besides passing the time before I land in DC, I felt compelled to write this post because I do not understand the need for the cold behavior. If you do not like being a flight attendant and dealing with passengers who may not always display the most common sense, then why choose this profession? If you are having a bad day then take a shot of espresso and power through it.

We all have aspects of our career that we could do without but it doesn’t mean we are entitled to rude.

Your down-to-earth blogger,


So close to the good life.



  1. Word. The worst flight attendant I ever experienced was on a recent Delta Connection flight. Not one smile the whole time. Clearly not invested. Literally rude to passengers. Why?

  2. this blog was posted 3 times and unfortunately the comments were erased when i erased the redundant posts…no censorship here

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