“Who Are You Voting For?” A Foreigner’s Question To Me


Undoubtedly, this is one of the strangest elections of all time. Many Americans believe that neither candidate is fit to be President of the United States and many personally dislike each candidate. The choice of Clinton vs. Trump has ripped families apart and has cost many Facebook users lifelong ‘friends’. Passion has turned into insults which has turned into Rated R rhetoric from both sides.

But this isn’t a post about our friend that flaunts his Make America Great Again hat or our friend that wears single colored power suits as a show of solidarity. This is a post in response to people from all over the world who can’t help but ask me who I am voting for. Like myself, people from across the world are obsessed with this election. Many are baffled that Trump actually has a shot of winning. Many have expressed an uneasiness about relations with the US should he be elected. Simultaneously, I have yet to hear any of my foreign friends say that Hillary would be an ideal choice. Indeed many question how these are the only two choices. For outsiders looking in, this election has become a soap opera, a way to poke fun at the United States for what used to be a dignified process.

In 2008, the world was in love with Obama. America’s reputation was beginning to recover after eight years of George W. During both elections, saying I voted for Obama was warmly received by foreigners. It wasn’t because they were deeply involved in American politics. It was because they saw Obama as a pragmatic Commander-in-Chief with a winning temperament.

This will all change in a week regardless of who is elected. If Hillary wins, the world will ask how someone under FBI investigation is now the leader of the free world. If Trump wins, the world will wonder how a reality TV star became the most powerful person on the face of the earth. Since I’ll have no answers, I will do my best to refrain from engaging in discussions involving American politics, a policy effective until 2020 when the circus rolls back into town.

Regardless of who wins, I'm not moving to Canada.
Regardless of who wins, I’m not moving to Canada.



  1. I am in South Africa working for a couple of weeks. It is interesting how many have asked me about the election. What they know about the candidates seems to come from CNN. Many have commented on how US politics are becoming more like South Africa politics.

  2. I’m ready for this circus to be over. I’ve quit watching U.S. TV because if I see one more political ad I’m going to scream. NExt election cycle, cut the time down for campaigning. YOu don’t need to start running for next time the day after the inauguration. Have a declaration day 6 months before the first primary or caucus.

  3. You have to ask which candidate is arguably better – or worse – for the points game. The answer is neither either way since the CC sign up bonuses are devaluating points on a tremendous scale. Its Obama’s fault. Many people I talk to say the same let me tell you. Many terrific people. China.

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