Thank You Bachuwa Law! Barclays Honors Spend Promo


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I previously wrote a post called Keep Vs. Cancel: AAdvantage Aviator. There, I stated that Barclays waived the annual fee and offered 5k points if I spent 1k. A reader said that I was better off cancelling and churning the card. While I usually opt for churning, I held onto the card because Barclays had previously promised me 10,000 AAdvantage Miles if I spent $750 a month for 3 months. I did so and did not receive the points.

Barclays tried to argue that a return in the third statement period negated the offer. My lawyer, Alexander Bachuwa of The Fine Print and Bachuwa Law, argued that the offer said ‘months’ not billing statements. The agent read back the offer to me and my zealous attorney was correct. The claim was escalated and without the need to file an arbitration, I was awarded my points.

That Alex, he sure knows his lawyering. And he didn’t charge me anything!

It’s a celebration snitches.


  1. Wow that is great! Presumably the return fell in the 3rd stmt but 4th month? If it didn’t, would you have pursued? And to what end?

    I did something similar last year. Met the NYCB terms based on stmt months since I had read (or at least imagined reading) that’s what they meant. Turns out month meant month (duh). I wrote a nice demand notice and they were happy to pay out on that claim and for my obviously fake DD. Being a pretend lawyer has its perks!

    • No, the refund was in the third statement but I hit most of the spend requirement for the third month in the first few days of the second statement which was in the beginning of the month, if any of that makes sense.

      If I didn’t get it, I would have filed an arbitration and relied on the arbitrator seeing the stupidity of the bank’s ways as I have written about on Frequent Miler.

      What banks don’t get is that clients want their points more than a cash settlement! I gotta have my points.

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